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fear coaching

Fear coaching relates to the following thought: in contrast to fear it is usually not possible to justify anxiety reasonably and is most often not really appropriate. Let’s be honest: is there anything we are not afraid of? There is … Continue reading

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The dentists drill

The appointment at the dentist is getting closer. Running away is not an option because your dental filling is loose. Your tooth is throbbing. Biting on it is impossible. You’re terrified. Who doesn’t know this feeling?

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Wake REM

Ein Wink kann Dein Schicksal verändern! English Version coming soon! comed–ein-wink-kann-das-schicksal-veraendern-  

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Motivation: YES YOU CAN – or can you really?

“There is no such thing as impossible! You can get it, if you really want it!” These sentences sound like pure motivation. But do we actually believe in them? And if so- how long does this belief last? What happens … Continue reading

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Lord of the Ring

The banner on our website shows the picture of the so called O-Ring. This ring is typical of the wingwave process and is used within myostatic testing. In kinesiology (Greek for kinesis (movement) and logos (Word/Science)) it is assumed that … Continue reading

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All we need are happy children

Even while still in the womb a child can feel if it is being accepted or refused by his or her parents. The mind of the unborn child can already take pre-natal damage. Refusal can cause the development of blockages … Continue reading

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mentally cooling

English Version is coming soon!! Mentale Abkühlung oder „ist das mörderheiß hier“ Das Thermometer zeigt 33 Grad im Schatten, auf der Straße löst sich der Asphalt und es weht kein Lüftchen. Aber Du möchtest Sport treiben. In den frühen Morgenstunden … Continue reading

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If time does not heal all wounds

There are a thousand times in life in which we are deeply hurt, upset or shocked. We feel offended, scared or angry almost every single day. “Sleep on it for a night” is a very familiar advice in those times, … Continue reading

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