Bernhard Hettesheimer

Bernhard kleinI am consulting therapist, personal coach, certified WingWave Trainer (Sensit Recklinghausen) and a member of the German Association for Coaching (DFC). I will support you with and coach you for all of your private and work-related endeavours. You can find just a few of my offers in the listing below:

  • ·         Your relationship has just ended or you recently went through a difficult divorce? You are still facing closed doors regarding your future? I will help you find the keys.
  • ·         An important job interview, a presentation or a public speech is getting closer and you are still feeling unconfident and insecure? I will support you!
  • ·         You are still trying to lose weight and get the body you always wanted? You want to improve your fitness or you would like to change your eating habits? I will help you fight and conquer your inner coach potato!
  • ·         You are having trouble with your colleagues and feeling more and more uncomfortable at work? Together we can prevent a physical or mental burnout.
  • ·         You frequently experience dental fear or aerophobia? Cats, dogs or spiders are a major problem? Come and see me!

You will not get any standardized solutions that do not suit you. I will reinforce your power sources and strengthen your self-confidence. Quickly and without a doubt!

My life in a nutshell

  • ·         Born in 1957
  • ·         Degree course in forest sciences
  • ·         Longtime coaching experience in forest ecosystems
  • ·         Consuktant therapist and personal coach
  • ·         Certification in WingWave Coaching (Sensit, Recklinghausen)
  • ·         Further education and training in psychotherapy (HG)

Enduring the storms of life 

·         Four children

·         Divorce and second marriage

·         Positive experience with the topic patchwork family

·         Knowledge in care responsibilities for demented parents and other family members

My personal sources of power are travelling all around the world, nature, running and my family. Hände klein  Baum Renate Bernhard klein