wingwave – an introduction

The wingwave method not only works well as a quick release of any kind of stress but mobilizes the development of resources and creative processes. There are multiple sources of stressors: be it a work- intensive job, or everyday family- and interpersonal relationships. The wingwave method delivers a well-structured and pragmatic approach by gaining a momentum that induces a process of change concerning your personal development. In contrast to usual psychotherapeutic sessions there is no need of a “soul-striptease” to provide the coaches with information. Within 3-5 sessions the wingwave method will empower you to relieve tension and retrieve your inner harmony and balance.

Just a few sessions of wingwave will lead to a quickly noticeable reduction of achievement- or performance related stress and increase your creativity, mental health and conflict stability.

Wingwave does not replace the work of a psychotherapist, physician or a natural health practitioner. Therefore ongoing medical treatments should not be halted or cancelled. Medical prescriptions should by no means be amended.

Wingwave is a performance- enhancing mental training. It is neither a diagnostic procedure, nor a medical therapy or comparable curative science. Wingwave does not treat illnesses or symptoms of diseases.

Stress occurs if your body, mind and soul do not come to rest and your subjective well- being is affected by different emotions in conflict situations. This stress may reflect in the fear of public speaking, stage fright, exam anxiety, aerophobia, lack of motivation and performance, hunger pains and food cravings, sleeping disorders and many more. Wingwave does also help with mourning processes or claustrophobia.

Wingwave coaching is successfully used in businesses, high- performance sports, education and didactics, health and artistic circles.

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